Sometimes, we find it easy
To give up and walk away,
Feeling hopeless and discouraged;
Beaten by what people say.

A razors edge cannot cut deep,
Like those of uncaring words.
You long for those of praises,
But they seem seldom heard.

When times like this surround us,
We must look deep inside;
To find the strength to step along
Without ever missing a stride.

God is always there for us.
He sees how much we suffer
Even though He, Himself,
Was betrayed at the Lord's Last Supper.

So, when you feel you can't go on,
Please always remember this.
The Lord, above, is there for us.
Our troubles He will not dismiss.

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Graphics Copyright 2003 Sandbox Creations

Verse by Valentyne Lang Used with permission

Artwork used with permission Danny Hahlbohm, All rights reserved to the artist.