Life Is ...

Life is a challenge that we all have to meet.
Life is a goal we must strive hard to reach.

Life is for sharing, when we all need to give.
Life is for loving, each day that we live.

Life is a promise that we try to fulfill.
Life is a struggle, when we're climbing up-hill.

Life is a mystery, we try to unfold.
Life is more precious than silver, or gold.

Life is a gamble. We could win or lose.
Life is a choice. We are what we choose.

Life is a puzzle, we try hard to solve.
Life is a cycle that has to revolve.

Life is for justice, that we may prevail;
Life is uplifting, when we try and still fail.

Life is forgiving and making new plans.
Life is for placing ourselves in God's hands.

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Verse used with permission. Copyright Vickie Lambdin

Midi "I'll Spend My Life" Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music

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