I had a dream in the night that I
Walked down to the pier,
Where a Lonely beggar man stood,
His eyes Shrouded in tears,
"I cannot walk, I'm crippled,
By Myself, all alone,
I stopped to rest but awhile,
On my long journey home"

My heart filled with compassion,
As I handed him my cane,
“You need this more than I my friend,
as I can understand your pain"
The beggar man smiled,
Not used To such care,
"How can I ever thank you?" he asked,
With His hand held in the air

"Pass this good deed on to
Those that you see, with instructions
To continue, as if planting a seed"
"It shall be done!" he exclaimed
As his brown eyes now shone bright,
then off with my cane he hobbled into night

I suddenly walked taller and
With a smile upon my face,
As I thought of the beggar man
Who now walked with such grace

I continued my way home to have
Myself a good rest, wondering
How many lives would be touched
By such a simple request

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Verse used with permission
Copyright 2004 Peggy A. Michik

Midi "Distant Village" used with permission
© Matthew J Drollinger

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