The Sea of Life

This is the sea of life we're on,
With all its' ups and downs...
The strong ones will survive the trip,
The weaker ones will drown.

There comes a time in each one's life,
When we are set adrift....
To navigate, then for ourselves,
Each swell from next wave's lift.

We're all in this boat together,
Put your shoulder to the oar...
There are calmer waters waiting,
On a far and distant shore.

Each time you think you are alone,
No help, nothing to guide you...
Take time to listen to the voice,
That's deep down and inside you.

Listen close and heed the words,
For those won't steer one wrong...
We can find safe passage, cross Life's sea,
With help from Faith that's strong.


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Verse used with permission
Copyright 2005 Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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