We all have some kind of
Purpose on this earth,
It's not to hurt people
Or tell them their worth.
Everyone was put here
With an equal chance,
Take a look around you,
Take a good long glance.

Some were meant to heal,
And some to teach,
Some are used to build,
And some to reach.
You may not know
Your purpose just yet,
God will tell you,
When he knows you are set.

Don't rush your fate,
It has already been planned.
And God will always be there
To lend a helping hand.
You will go through times
That are really rough,
But you will always have someone,
When the going gets tough.

Don't judge others,
For when you do,
There is always
Someone else judging you.
Think about things
Before they are said,
Say your prayers before
Going off to bed.

Take time just to sit,
And observe all things,
A flower and its petals,
Or a bird and its wings.
For when you just look
At what is around,
A new aspect on life could
Be what you have found.

Live for today,
Live one day at a time.
Live for yourself,
And for God, that's no crime.
For when you do all these things
To make your life great,
You will find your own way
To the pearly white gate.

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Verse sent to me by Sandy Sexton
Author Known to God

Midi " My Guiding Light" used with permission
Matthew Drollinger

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