In the meadow where I sat with wildflowers all around
My hand reached out to touch the velvet softness I had found
Deep within my bosom a peacefullness had settled
Tranquil were my thoughts as I sat there in the meadow

I knew the little child that hid inside my soul
She held a special place that no one else could hold
I grew to love her more as each year passed away
I realized she was part of me, a part that I wanted to stay

I didn't always love myself,my expectations were so high
But as I grew in knowledge, I learned the reason why
Somehow I had lost me, the real me hid inside
I was trying to be someone else, someone I didn't like

I peeled away the cover, and started again from scratch
Forgetting all that I'd been taught so I could love me back
The little girl I'd left behind had hidden out of view
Waiting for the right time, so I could see her too

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Music used with permission from Bill Sandy

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