Take time to smell the roses
Time moves along so fast
It could be that your turn is next
Tomorrow might be your last.

Take time to look around you
See loved ones pass away
We do not know the future
It could be you today.

Take time to read the Bible
There’s power in the light
You think you’ll live forever
But you might go tonight.

Take time for fervent prayer
Lift up His name on high
Call out the name of Jesus
For you will surely die.

Take time for sweet surrender
Seek out His mighty will
Today while you are able
For soon, you will be still.

Take time to grasp the moment
So fast, the clock does tick
We do not know the hour
Your number could be next.

Take time to smell the roses
Before it is too late
Today is full of promise
Tomorrow will not wait.

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Graphics Copyright © 2004 Sandbox Greetings
Verse used with permission Copyright © 2003 Marilyn Ferguson
Graphics created with a picture from Stock Stash
Music used with permission from Andy Klapwyk

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