A flower garden made with joy and rain to help it grow
For every seed that's planted a weed will surely show
Gentle hands to sow the seeds of beauty and delight
The eyes of heaven looking down, shower it with light

Life is full of beauty but sometimes gloom comes in
Shrouding us with pain and tears and darkness deep within
For every mountain we must climb, deep within the strength we find
To face another day, unknown of which the kind

Blossoms cover every branch but soon they wilt and fall
Layering the ground we trod amidst a garden tall
Fragrance permeates the air and leaves a soft remembrance
Of beauty from another day of natures golden dances

Delay not weary hands to grieve a loss of beauty deep
For with another day you'll find the tears will slowly seep
Amidst the life serenity will grow from deep within
And cover every angry weed with love and peace once grim

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Verse used with permission
© Soft Poetry by Sand

Music used with permission from Bill Sandy

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