I still have this precious rag doll of mine
That I used to play with all the time.
All the other kids wondered why.
Because their dolls could sleep and cry.

Their dolls had long black curly hair
With pretty dresses, and I did not care
That they were lovely as could be.
No matter, my rag doll was enough for me.

Oh, I know she looks ragged and bad,
She is the best doll I have ever had,
Today she is still the sweetest to me.
My favorite rag doll she will always be.

This old rag doll I still treasure her so,
She is more dear than anyone will ever know.
My dad gave her to me when I was small,
Now you know why I love her best of all.

Verse Copyright 2005
Glenna M. Baugh
~Living by Faith~

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