Moonlight on the water, soft sand under my feet
The silence of the evening is deafening to me
The water like liquid ebony flows silent and sweet
The moons rays are golden and rippling deep

Your hand touches gently upon my cheek
Lingering a moment, making me feel so complete
The look in your eyes, so tender and sure
You know that I love you ....... more and more

Touching your arm with warm fingertips
Hoping you'll kiss me with your warm, sweet lips
Running my tongue inside the depth of your mouth
Touching so deeply, my heart starts to pound

Vibrations that reach all the way to my feet
Making me tremble with love so deep
My heart reaches out with a passion so new
My lips quiver slightly ......... I'm kissing you

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Verse used with permission
© Soft Poetry by Sand***

Midi "Lost In Your Love"
©2002 Bill Sandy

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