Tread Softly

When you open the door
to the heart of a friend,
tread softly.
When into its chambers
you slowly descend,
tread softly.

When you look in the corners,
when you walk down the halls
When you look behind doors
and you look behind walls
When you stop when you hear
It's your name someone calls,
tread softly.

When you start to feel comfy
and feeling at ease,
When you're having your fun
and starting to tease,
When you fall for the notion
this friend is a breeze,
tread softly.

For inside this heart
lives a delicate thing;
it makes tulips open,
it makes songbirds sing,
it makes every morning
a beautiful spring,
so tread softly.

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Verse by Mariane Holbrook © 2006
Mariane Holbrook is a retired teacher,
an author of two books, a musician and artist.
She lives with her husband on coastal North Carolina.
She maintains a personal website Here
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