Where would you go if we could turn back time?
And, just where, in life, would you stop?
Would you relive some moment that's special to you,
Perhaps say something you had forgot?

For me, if I could I'd be surrounded by family
And tell them how I love them so,
I would say all the things that I could have once said;
But was too late when their time came to go.

Oh, yes, I think of the opportunities I've had
To express understanding and compassion.
How sad that those words just never came out,
The one's I could not seem to fashion.

But, is it really too late to say all the things,
That we failed to imply at the time?
Words that were left hanging on the tips of our tongue,
Can now be relayed through our mind.

Repeat, to yourself, all the words that you kept
And transfer them to those whom you wish.
You won't see them, like you could back in time,
But will be heard by those whom you miss.

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Verse used with permission 2003 by Valentyne Lang

Brought to you by Sandbox Greetings

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Midi "I Wish" used with permission
Copyright 1997 Bill Sandy .

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