Baby Boy of Mine

          Sent through he heavens from God above;
          For us to raise, hold and love.

          For less than eight months, you were close and warm;
          Then time passed, and you were born.

          What a beautiful day, to never forget;
          You squirmed and cried, so tiny and wet.

          To see you and hold you, was more than we dreamed;
          Your father held you close, and just simply beamed.

          Experts say "don't hold him too much;
          You'll spoil the lad, with your comforting touch".

          You cry for a reason, my wordless one;
          Even if it's, "hold me Mom, I'm your son".

          There's no perfect parent, but make no mistake;
          We will give you our best, whatever it takes.

          Such wonders await you, both good and sad;
          I wish to shelter you, from all that is bad.

          For now I'll enjoy you, teaching you what I know;
          Savoring each age, as you learn and grow.

          May God protect you, in all that you do;
          I pray in time, you will love Him too.

Verse by Lori A Goldensoph 2001 All rights reserved.

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