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Final Request

          Sometimes It's been hard for me, to look death in the face;
          Not knowing how long I have until I leave this place.
          But as time closes in, there are things you should know;
          I'm now at peace with myself, and I know where I'll go.
          Don't feel sorry for me, for what is in store;
          I'll have no more pain, and at last I'll soar.
          You are so much more, than just my friend;
          You have a life to live, and your pain will mend.
          It must be hard for you to see me this way;
          Not knowing how to act, or even what to say.
          My request is for your love, and your openess;
          Don't let this disease, take away our closeness.
          Don't be scared to let loose how you feel;
          It's God's given way, to help us heal.
          Don't mourn for me, when I am dead;
          For me, the happiest times lie ahead.
          When your memories of me, show that you care;
          Listen to the sea, Part of me will be there.

          By Lori A. Goldensoph 2001 All rights reserved.

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