A summer's breeze, a smiling child,
A daffodil that's growing wild,
A deep orange sunset in the West;
Those little things, I love the best.

A still dark night with fireflies,
The laughter in my mother's eyes,
A multicolored rainbow's end ...
Are little things that count, my friend.

A fuzzy warm puppy licking my face,
Kisses with hugs and a loving embrace,
Rain pouring down on a roof made of tin,
Sitting under a shade with a soft gentle wind;

Those little things make life worth living.
Being kind to a stranger, caring and giving,
Laughing and sharing your hopes and your dreams;
There is nothing more precious than those little things.

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Brought to you by Sandbox Greetings

Verse Copyright 2004 Vickie Lambdin

Midi "Lazy Walk" Copyright 2002
Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music