When we kiss your lips meet mine,
On your sweet kisses I can dine.
Our tongues start a dance
That leads to romance.

Kisses so tender and sweet,
Our Lips rush to meet.
Kisses filled with bliss;
Twinkles in your eye of happiness.

Kiss me once or twice again,
Let me fall if this is sin.
Be there to catch me as I drift,
Cause your kisses are a gift.

My lips search for you once more;
For it is only your kisses I adore.
Laughter fills the air above,
Echoes of sweet romance, is it love?

Let me dine on your sweet touch.
You are needed so much.
Holding me tight in your arms,
Have I enticed you with my charms?

My lips touch yours as we meet,
Feeling each otherís heart beat.
Even now I feel your lips brush mine,
I am shivering, the feelings sublime.

Quaking as we meet by the door;
Kisses that sweep me off the floor.
Kiss me with your lips so soft,
Then lay me gently in your loft.

Off to sleep I slip away
To be with you another day,
To dream of me with you,
Knowing the days we share are too few.



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Verse Copyright Shirley Kniss

Background set Copyright Sandbox Greetings

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