I saw your smile so big and bright.
The radiance took me through the night.
Though I may not know you.
That is something I wish to do.

I can tell by the look in your eyes.
That life to you is no surprise.
You want the same as others do.
Someone who longs to be with you.

Walking through life's winding maze.
Is a heart that felt a tender gaze.
Hoping for a heart that's true.
Someone is there looking for you.

In our hearts we need the loving caress.
Keep in our minds, not to be careless.
Showing the person from inside.
Let your heart be your guide.

You will get the heart of your desires.
Never let anyone, put out the fires.
For one to be complete in mind and soul.
You need to fill the empty hole.

Please remember the one you meet.
She'll give her all, from head to feet!
Do not forget a heart so true.
She will always want to be with you!

Verse Copyright 2005 Diane M. Lamphere

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