Happy Mother's Day!



You were always there for me
No matter what I would do.
So now I have one thing to say
And that is "I love you".

You have guided me in my journey
And helped me through obstacles and strife.
You always listened to my problems
You helped me so many times in my life.

You've given me wisdom and strength
And the courage to find my way.
You've given me my sense of humor
To be the person I am today.

Now I've left and moved away
But even with many miles apart.
Know that you're still in my life
And always in my heart.

Even though we're far apart
And many miles away.
Know that I love and miss you
Every single day.


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Verse used with permission
Copyright 2000 Katherine M. Parisse

Midi "Twinkle" used with permission © Bruce DeBoer


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