A dad I am not and a grandfather I can not replace,
I just want to be the man who keeps a smile on your mothers face.
Can't be the one to say yes children I understand,
But yes I can be the one there to lend you a hand.
Never do I expect for any of you to call me dad,
You can call me hey you and for this I will never be mad.
If you should desire an outside opinion or just to talk,
Call me and Id be happy for just you and I to take a walk.
Your mom and I care deeply for each other in our hearts,
We just want to enjoy each other and not to be spread apart.
I'll be good to your mom and always be respectful and kind,
In our new lives someone to care more about her she will never find.

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Brought to you by Sandbox Greetings
Verse Used with permission. Copyright 2004 Jake
Midi "April Rain" is used with permission Bruce DeBoer