Listen do you hear the wind?
On its wings I will send
My love to you today
As I do in every way.

Your love means so much to me.
Open your eyes and you will see
What your love has done.
Now the metamorphosis has begun.

I have beautiful wings to fly
With them I can soar so high.
To you My love I will send
Whispers of love on the wind.

When you hear the wind whistle by
Take flight with me, soar high
Close your eyes, picture me with you.
See, together neither of us can be blue.

Listen and you will hear;
I am close, always near.
In your heart I reside
When I am not by your side.

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Verse used with permission Copyright Shirley Kniss

Midi "No Truer Love" is used with permission. 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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