When I met you I was
Immediately captivated
By your sweet nature...
I knew right away you
Were someone I wanted to
Get to know a whole lot better!

It didn't take long for me
To learn what a wonderful,
Generous and loving person
You were and very quickly
I felt a stirring in my heart;
I was falling in love with you!

By now I hope Iíve shown you that I
Love you with all my heart and soul...
Words cannot adequately describe
How you have changed my life,
How very much I treasure and
Appreciate having you by my side!

Eternity would not be long enough
To give back to you all that
You have given to me!
You are one of a kind, and I am
The luckiest person ever to be
Loved by someone like you!


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Verse written by Sandbox Greetings© 2008

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