When A Man Loves A Woman

When a man loves a woman, he will always be sure
That his heart beats with hers and his love remains pure;
To always walk with her, make her dreams come true.
Show her you love her in all that you do.

Treat her with kindness, always showing respect;
The sending of flowers so she'll not forget
That your thinking of her, she's tops on your list,
That your love surrounds her in Heaven's sweet bliss.

Whisper, softly, in her ear how much her love means;
That, without it, you couldn't fulfill all your dreams.
When a man loves a woman he will do all these things
And watch all the joy on her face this will bring.

Show her candle lit dinners, roses next to her plate.
With warm caring arms, you should never be late.
Soft kisses to give her, tender words of your love;
Let her know she's been sent from Heaven, above.

Provide reassurance when her hopes sink low.
Give words of encouragement so she'll always know
That, forever, you're standing right there, by her side,
To lift her hopes upward. Her tears will soon dry.

Through good times and bad times, do not raise your voice.
Her heart is so tender and wants to rejoice.
No harsh words do utter. You must walk with care.
When a man loves a woman, he will always be there.

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Brought to you by Sandbox Greetings
Verse Used with permission Valentyne Lang
Music used with permission from David W. Folsom
Graphics by

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