"When Angels Fly"

Out across my mid-of-night
I felt an angel taking flight
So softly in her fluttered wake
She leaves a memory for my sake~

That's how it is with angelic winging
They leave a song that just needs singing
So it is with a tender sigh
We harmonize a melodious goodbye~

Sometimes a memory humbles me
Sending me urgently to my knees
When an angel on her earthly roam
says goodbye in sweetly sung song~

Just before she leaves my view
she winks and says, 'I'll remember you'
And I release one small tear
moisturizing a remember
of when she was here~

'I'll come again to touch your sigh
for that's how it is, when angels fly'

~For anyone and everyone who has ever felt the flutter of angels on the wing~

"When Angels Fly"
Is used with permission, and may not be reproduced!
Copyright 2002 ~*Marge Tindal*~

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