L- Is for the Love-light I see shining in your eyes.
O- Stands for the one and only man, whose in my life.
V- Means you own the very essence of my soul.
I- Is in your arms, I feel the half that makes me whole.
N- Stands for the never ending words of praise you speak.
G- Is for the greatest love I feel, when two hearts meet.

Y- Stands for the years we've shared, that never seem to end.
O- Is for our oneness and the beauty deep within.
U- Stands for the wayyou understand my hopes and fears.

A- Means the amazing way I feel when you are near.
L- Stands for your laughter and the loving things you say.
W- Means without you, I'd be lost and lose my way.
A- Is for against all odds, our love has stood the test,
Y- Is for your never ending patience, I feel blessed,
S- Means you Sweetheart and in your loving arms I'll rest.


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Verse Copyright 2004 Vickie Lambdin

Midi "Forever" Copyright 2002
Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music

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