Vision Of Peace

From the little log cabin that dwells in my mind,
Overlooking the mountains and valleys below,
I envision peace and harmony ruling world wide;
Such a masterpiece of love to one another we show.

My heart filled up with happiness and joy
At the wonders my eyes had seen.
I shall hurry, now, to that valley below.
A miracle transpired the human being.

With tears in my eyes, I began to descend,
Down from my cabin resting high in the clouds;
Walking the pathway Mother Nature had built,
Flowers swayed lazily as their heads they did bow.
Creatures from the woods, now, join by my side
As they, too, had sensed the fragrance of peace.
With great anticipation we hurried our steps,
Knowing that hatred and wars had now ceased.
We followed the sounds of laughter and joy,
Not knowing if our vision were true.
Then, suddenly, I felt the presence of God,
His arms around me. It was then that I knew.

He had returned from His Kingdom to begin world reign.
Evil had been banished and put in the ground,
Replaced with eternal love and peace for us all.
Chains of war, we are no longer bound.

~ 2003 by Valentyne Lang ~



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Music used with permission from David W. Folsom