While looking in reflections eyes,
The mirror said to me,
"There's something that you need to know
About the me you see.

These eyes, that look into your own,
Can see your soul inside.
They see the person deep within,
The one you sometimes hide.

So let me tell you what I see,"
The voice said, oh so clear.
"Come closer as I say the things
I know you need to hear.

I see a warm and giving heart,
Through pure and loving eyes.
I see the strength and gentleness
You usually disguise.

But most of all," the mirror said,
"I see a special love.
I see it, as it lives in you.
It comes from God above.
And now, as I look back into
Those eyes that look to see,
I can see the specialty
When God created me.


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Brought to you by Sandbox Greetings
Verse used with permission by James O'Brien
Music used with permission from David W. Folsom


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