I don't know what to think, say or even do.
I know that I cannot wait to be with you!
It hit me like a brick...
To know the anticipation, is so thick!
You have made me feel alive again...
When I felt time was running thin...
You have filled my heart with happiness.
A youthful kind of bliss.
I don't want to leave this moment.
You make me so content.
I will not pass this up
For someone else to fill my cup!
Why does this feel so right?
The answer is like day and night!
Not sure of what's to come...
I feel the need to cry,
Only tears of true contentment!
I hope this is not a dream...
Oh! How real it does seem.
I want to live in this moment forever
For more dreams to come true.
I don't ever want to leave!
Your heart, I will not deceive...

Verse © Diane M. Lamphere

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