~The Holy Bible~

The world today is strange and unknown
It seems dark at times and we feel alone
The Holy bible explains our strife
Teaching us to accept the mystery of life.

Many times we struggle in the dark of night
But God guides us into the bright light
Reading the wisdom in His word we find
Only God can give us peace of mind.

The Holy bible will sustain us so we do not stray
Giving us the courage to face each day
And to have strength to deal with sorrow
Spiritually renewing our hope for tomorrow

Reading the Holy bible helps us understand
How to keep our faith, holding tight to His hand
In the wisdom of His word we are taught to pray
And His love will lead us to our eternal home one day.

Verse 2010 Glenna M. Baugh
Living by Faith

Psalms 25:4 KJV
"Show me thy ways, O Lord;
teach me they paths"

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