Beneath the starbright light we sit and peer into the sky,
With you close in my arms we watch the night go by.
Shooting stars through the mist will dart,
As secret wishes are made in my heart.
Each wish surrounded by unbounded hope and desire,
For the beautiful person whom I admire.

Within each falling star my hopes grow stronger,
Until I find I can stand my feelings no longer.
And so I gentle whisper in your ear,
Please turn and look at me here.
And you slowly turn to look at me,
The most wonderous sight then do I see.

The moonlit night shining on your face,
I never want to leave this place.
My heart professed to me so true,
The feelings I have deep inside for you.
Then I see no beauty can compare,
To the wonderful beauty before me there.

So you look back into the night,
And I now can tell that this is so right.
One thing confessed your feelings too,
Something I saw from within you.
Never forgetting what I now realize
When I saw the sparkle in your eyes.

Poem By Nathan Thomas


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Music used with permission from David W. Folsom copyright 1997.

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