Sometimes when you are hurting,
There’s no one to feel your pain,
That‘s when you need a good friend,
Till things are right again.

Sometimes when tears fall from your eyes,
There’s no one there to see,
To hold you close and dry your eyes,
From tears that fall so free.

Sometimes you want to share a smile,
Or tell some secrets to,
Someone you know will understand,
Who is a friend to you.

Sometimes we need to have someone,
We know we can lean on,
Someone to share those ‘sometimes‘ with,
On days when things go wrong.

I found that someone when we met,
Now ’sometimes’ are quite rare,
Still I know when ‘sometimes‘ come,
You’ll be the first to care.

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Verse used with permission
Copyright 2002 Loree (Mason) O'Neil

Photo in set used with permission
Copyright 2006 Sue Birkhead

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