He is love, my Shepherd is,
His goodness faileth never.
He gives me everything I need
And I am His forever.

Beautiful green pastures grow,
Rivers of living water flow.
My sins forgiven, I follow His lead.
My Shepherd loves me I know.

I was so foolish and I strayed
With great love He sought me
His hand on my shoulder laid
Leading me back where I should be.

Death I will never fear
My Lord will be very near
His rod and staff my comfort be
Holding my hand He will guide me.

Spreading a table along my way
His goodness and mercy faileth never
He will follow me each and every day
I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Verse Copyright 2005 ~Glenna M. Baugh ~
Living by Faith

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Midi used with permission from Margi Harrell

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