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The Pine Tree's Legend

The pine tree's legend tells the story
Of the Holy Family's flight
From Herod's soldiers and of how
They needed shelter for the night.

Many plants were quick to offer
Shelter to them while they fled.
Mary, wearied from the journey,
Stopped along the forests' edge.

A gnarled old pine, whose trunk was hollowed,
Bid them come inside to rest.
Once inside, it closed its branches down
And let them safely nest.

Never knowing they were hidden
In the tree trunk laced with pine,
Herod's soldiers scurried passed them.
Everything would now be fine.

Upon leaving their safe haven,
Then the Christ Child blessed the pine
For providing His safe shelter
And forever left a sign.

In the fruit of every pinecone,
If you cut it end to end,
Lengthwise, you will see the blessing
That the Christ Child left, my friend.

Nestled in that lowly pinecone,
Hidden safely ~ just like He,
Is the imprint of His hand.
It still remains for all to see.

It's a symbol left to treasure
Of the night forever blessed;
When our Christ Child had been sheltered
In a pine tree's trunk and dress.

2004 by Dot McGinnis-Used with permission




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