The night is dark and chilly, the day has gone away
The time has come to curl up and put my thoughts away
The candle light makes shadows upon my bedroom wall
Soft and flickering shadows that dance so very tall

I close my eyes and drift away to a land of golden dreams
A place so full of beauty, exquisite and serene
A garden filled with lilacs, wildflowers of every kind
Roses in abundance and yellow dandelions

A bubbling brook lies hidden, a doorway to the sea
I slide my body into it , the warmth embraces me
I feel the water glide so smoothly touching every place
Immersed in golden dreams of a distant loving face

Golden dreams surround me and take me far away
To the land of love and laughter, a place where I can play
Running through the meadows with the sun upon my back
Surrounded by the heather, a lunch inside a sack

Golden dreams surround me, I think I want to stay
If I could only lie here forever and a day
Inside your arms so strong and sure, I feel so safe and warm
In golden dreams I feel your love keeping me secure

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Midi Andy Klapwyk

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