If you could see inside my heart and read the feelings there
You'd realize how much it hurts whenever you aren't here
Each time you have to say good bye I feel an ache inside
An ache that doesn't go away, an ache that I can't hide

The sight of you can heal my heart and make my soul take flight
I feel a pounding in my chest, its love that I can't fight
Without you I'm so lost and lonely, part of me is gone
I don't feel whole without you, so don't stay gone too long

Your smile is like the heavens on a gorgeous summer day
It makes me feel so good inside when I see you smile that way
Your eyes light up the darkest room and take my breath away
And in your arms I feel so safe, its where I want to stay

My life is filled with blessings whenever you're around
I feel like God has smiled on me and given me a crown
This feeling that I hold inside is what you've given me
The day that I met you, was the day I began to breathe

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Original midi composition Bruce DeBoer, 2001 Used with permission

Used with written permission

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