You came to me in lonely thoughts and wrapped me in your arms
You filled my mind with happiness for which I've yearned so long
I pictured you with long dark hair and eyes a misty blue
And there you were beside me now as I'd envisioned you

I felt your burning kisses as they touched upon my lips
And I have never felt such passion wrapped up in a kiss
Your hands carressed my body and made me warm inside
And all my burning passion, I didn't try to hide

The storm inside raged through the night and left us in the dawn
A night filled with emotion and passion that was ours
When darkness shrouds the sky tonight, I'll wait for you till then
And I will ache with lonliness until I'm in your arms again

Chances are you'll come to me and hold me close once more
For dreams are all I have of you, the man I could adore
My heart longs for your presence, my love is yours alone
But dreams are all I have of you to treasure in the morn


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Midi "Mist On The Mountain" Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music

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