Thank You My Friend

Thank you for sending me the things
to make me think, laugh, or smile.
For when I am down
it makes the hurt go away
if only for a while.

That is why friends are so dear,
just because they love you.
And you always know they're there
to lend a listening ear
and to take away the blues.

It is also why I thank my God
for the friends he sends my way
For He knows we all need some cheer
and the support each and every day.

So to my wonderful friends
I send a rose to you.
Because I know that you all
are my friends through and true.

In each of us is a special gift
for if we love one another
It can surpass so much pain and fear
And give help and love to others.

So take this rose my friend,
and hold it close to your heart
And always remember me,
for we will never be apart.

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Verse Copyright
BJ Morbitzer

Midi Copyright
David W. Folsom