I want to have a romantic rendezvous,
Some special place for just me and you.
Way up in the mountains high in the air,
So many tender moments we can share.

There won't be any need for a telephone,
For two lovers now completely all alone.
A fire burning quietly in the background,
Soft romantic music the only other sound.

Two hearts beating together as if one,
A magical evening for us has just begun.
Here at this time, in this glorious place,
To be able to gaze upon your loving face.

When you pull me in close to your side,
The passion I feel starts to build inside.
My heart is suddenly once again on fire,
Burning for you with longing and desire.

Feeling your lips so moist and sweet,
To have this night incredibly complete.
Spending the time making love to you,
Here alone in our romantic rendezvous.

To wake up in the morning beside you,
Starting the day with breakfast for two.
To always be able to return here again,
A true love story which will never end.

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Verse included with set Brenda Sparkman

Midi used with permission. Copyright Margi Harrell

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