In the morning, when the dew drops glisten,
When your heart feels Jesus - stop and listen.
He's the glory of the sunshine, the glory of my life.
It is He who comforts when there is strife.

Jesus is our victory for tomorrow. He blesses us, today.
He'll always be with us, when sin comes our way.
He's our Redeemer. He saved my soul, one sweet day,
As I went down to the altar; knelt to pray.

Thank Thee, God, that you saved our sinful soul
By Thine only Son, divine. Thank Thee for giving us a goal.
Lead us, my Father, by Thy Son who loves us so.
So, where ere, in life, He goes - let us, also, go.

He is our tomorrow. He is our bright and shinning star.
He's Lord of Heaven and earth. Lord, be not, from us, far.
Let us look unto the hills and watch for the light;
That light that cometh unto our hearts, so bright.

Help us, Lord, to recognize that morning, bright and clear.
Let us, forever, hold His love to our hearts; near.
Blest we'll be at His soon coming. Let us hold fast
The love we have for our Savior. Let it forever last.

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Verse used with permission
2006 Pearlie Duncan Walker
Author of "Heaven's Gate"

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