Problems some great and some small
Sometimes so many you can't count them all

Problems some heavy and some light
Sometimes you're worried day and night

Problems some old and some new
Sometimes you just don't know what to do

Problems some easy and some hard
But if you would just simply call on the Lord

When your problems are too heavy to bear
On God you can cast your every worry and care

You don't have to face your problems alone
When you are weary, He is always strong

God can solve them all one by one
Then you can tell the world what He has done

He is a Savior, Healer and a Friend
There is no broken heart that He can't mend

All power is in His mighty hands
He is the One who created the heavens, earth and man

So don't push God away, get Him involved
And before you know it your problem will be solved

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Verse written by
Patricia Bankhead Copyright 2007

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