So restless at night, when I dream of you
I open my eyes, hoping it came true.
It didnít again so with tears in my eyes
I hold my pillow to soften the cries.

But distance means nothing in love thatís true
And though I long for one touch from you,
Iíll squeeze that pillow while weíre apart,
You hold me too, you hold my heart.

No one has ever made me feel so complete,
My whole life was lived just so we could meet.
Iíll dream of you now, on into the night,
Hoping that soon youíll be holding me tight.

My dreams will come true one day, I know,
Just hold me close, and never let go.

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Verse Copyright © 2003 by Tara and used with written permission
Midi "Still Loving You" is used with permission
and is copyright © 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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