My Friend
          I can look into your expressive eyes
          and I know what you feel inside.
          I can tell you all my hopes and dreams.
          For in you, I can always confide.

          I look forward to your laughter.
          For, we look at life the same way.
          Our understanding needs no words.
          What more, my friend, can I say?

          Sometimes, you know me far too well.
          For when Iíve pulled into myself,
          You patiently wait for those feelings
          Iíve left forgotten on life's shelf.

          Then my friend, the feelings return.
          For, your heart is so full of love.
          Iím touched with raindrops of sorrow,
          While your rainbow shines from above.

          I could never count the many times
          You've offered me your smile.
          You've helped me through the bad times
          And you've made my life worthwhile.

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