There's a place down
Deep inside my heart
Where I keep your memory
Tucked away, safely in the dark.

And, when I need to reminisce
About the love light in your soul,
I just close my eyes,
And 'that's where I'll go'.

And, when I need to feel
Your gentle touch;
The world is closing in on me,
Life gets to be too much ...

I look deep inside my heart,
Where your memory flows,
And that's where I find it.
So, 'that's where I'll go'.

No one can ever
Touch these memories
Of the love I feel for you,
Or the love you feel for me ...

Because I keep them locked away
So deeply, I suppose.
And, when I need to feel you near me,
'That's where I'll go'.

You know a love
Like ours is priceless,
Worth more than
Diamonds or gold.

So, I'll open up my heart,
Where I can feel your love unfold.
And, Sweetheart, until I see you
Again, 'that's where I'll go'.


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Verse Copyright 2002 Vickie Lambdin

Music "You Swept My Heart Away" ęBruce DeBoer


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