Take my hand
Lead me to a land
A land far away
Where we can stay
Watch the sun set
With no regret
To see the sun rise
And gaze into your eyes

Kiss me, fulfill your need
Love planted like a seed
Then watch love begin to grow
from the tiny seeds we sow
Watch our love blossom and bloom
Meeting our needs none to soon
Take my love, keep it safe
Remember our love and keep faith

Walk beside me in the night
Being with you makes everything right
see the moon rise up above
Shining down on our love
Twinkling stars fill the sky
We never stop to ask why
Our love was meant to be
Me loving you, you loving me

I feel your love every day
In a multitude of ways
while alone with your smile
or far across the miles
I hear it in your voice
Our love is our choice
In your heart I reside
My love for you, I will not hide

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Verse used with permission Copyright Shirley Kniss

Midi "Lost In Your Love" Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music

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