A Love That Never Fails

Never a cross word has ever been spoke
From the one I love so dear.
Never have I heard a slamming door,
Signaling the end could be near.

When I say I'm sorry for causing them hurt,
The warmth of their arms I do feel.
They never say I have one last chance.
I am thankful their love is so real.

Mistakes and tumbles I continue to take
And discouragement shows in my eyes.
But, my true love has always been there for me
And comforts me when I cry.

Sometimes I fall and can barely stand up,
While my heart overflows with such pain.
It is then that I hear my loved one's voice
Saying, "Have faith and I'll carry you, again."

If you have such a love that is part of your life,
Then, perhaps we share the same light.
Can you say it's the Lord that stands up for you,
Loving us with all His might?

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Brought to you by Sandbox Greetings
Verse Used with permission Valentyne Lang
Music used with permission from David W. Folsom
Graphics by

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