My Love,
I dreamt of you last night. We were walking hand in hand down the beach at sunset. A warm breeze kissed our cheeks and the sounds of the waves rolling on the water filled our ears with its music. The gentle waves tickled our toes and the sand beneath our bare feet still held some warmth from the heat of the day. The colors of the sunset were filled with beautiful hues of pink and blue. We barely noticed any of these things so wrapped up in each other we were. We walked the shore in companionable silence. No words were necessary for our eyes communicated our feelings for us. The burning love I feel for you reflected back at me in your eyes. Evenings chill was approaching but we did not notice it for we were surrounded by the warmth of our love.
I awoke with a smile on my face and your name on my lips. A feeling of peace and deep contentment filled my soul.
My love, every day we are together is like a walk down that beach with you! You fill my life with the warm breezes of your love, and surround me with the beauty of sunset which is you. I love you very much.
Forever and always,
Your Love

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