Lord, Grant Me Understanding
                Lord, I come to you all broken inside;
                I don't understand why my child has died.

                We tried so hard to conceive;
                The need in our hearts, too strong to believe.

                I smiled at each kick, and watched him grow;
                His precious personality, I came to know.

                The nursery stood ready, everything set right;
                Folding his tiny clothes, brought me delight.

                The labor was painful, and awfully long;
                My Dr.'s face, showed something wrong.

                We cried through the night with incredible pain;
                The void in our life, would always remain.

                The thought never occurred, that he would die;
                To miss out on his life, his laugh, his cry.

                I went through anger, and made you to blame;
                Forgive me Lord, I'm so ashamed.

                When I think about my son, who I love so much;
                Reach down to me, with a comforting touch.

                One comforting thought that I have found;
                My son is with You, safe and sound.

                By Lori A. Goldensoph 2001 All rights reserved.