God gives an invitation,
He put his son through resurrection.
For our salvation...
So we might have perfection.

He taught of his fatherís laws.
He laid down the rules,
So we'd have no flaws.
Hoping we wouldn't be fools...

His word is our foundation,
Some heard and were wise.
He gave it to all creation.
Others heard and still they despise.

He gave us his lands,
To make them bear fruit.
He put them in our hands,
Not for us to pollute...

He gave us his blessing.
Of his great deed,
Hoping we'd go on confessing.
To those in need...

He gave us his healing,
To end our unholy desires.
At his time of revealing,
To save us from eternal fires.

We must tell others of his time to come.
Tell one, tell all!
Not to few or just one!
So they will hear and not fall...

Time is short,
Just get on your knees.
With him there's comfort,
Say heavenly father please...

Take my soul,
Take my heart,
Make it whole,
Make it smart...

Just take his invitation,
Go through resurrection...
For our salvation,
So we can have perfection!

Verse used with permission
Copyright 2006 Diane M. Lamphere

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