Endless Bounty

A day of thanks is considered by some,
To be only a yearly event,
But it's important that you remember
To always rejoice,
In the daily blessings you are sent

Be ever thankful for the sunlight,
And the colors of the leaves,
Each day bringing a brand new kaleidoscope,
As Mother Nature tries her best to please,
In her little offerings of beauty and hope

Be thankful for the wonderful people you know,
Who share your moments each and every day,
Remind them of the love that you feel,
In deeds and words,
You need often to say

Be thankful for your life itself,
As you are home and destined to be here,
Revel in the world's endless bounty,
And appreciate all that you hold dear

Wishing You A Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Verse used with permission
Copyright 2005 Peggy A. Michik

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