My Dearest Child,

I am here, in this very room.
When you sense my presence,
and even when you don't, I am here.

Do not be concerned about the things that are happening to you.
They are not evidence of my disappointment, in any way.
I have seen and know your heart, and am very proud of you.

You are among my chosen. Many are called,
but few are hand-picked by me.
And I am here, by your side, every step of the way.

Worldly problems are not your destiny. Though, they are a means
for you to learn to walk with me, moment by moment. Others have
not been able to help you because I want you to look to me.

You need not know when, and you need not know how, but 'day by day',
I will supply your every need. Don't worry about tomorrow,
as I will be the same God who meets your need today;
and all your tomorrows will be provided for.

You might imagine yourself on a foreign mission field, having gone with
empty pockets and empty hands. Yet, there is nothing to fear, as I am
the one who fills your pockets, and your hands, each and every day,
so that you can serve without reservation, in all I call you to do.
I am your provider, and I am faithful.

All I want of you is to walk with me, talk with me. When I lay
something on your heart to do, in ministry, do that. When I tell
you to wait on me, do that. When you have a question, just ask.
I'll tell you the next step to take.

When you're fearful, call on me. Ask for a promise,
or some confirmation that I am still for you. I will answer.

When you don't know what to do, even in the simple things,
I care about all your needs. In fact, especially, ask me about
the little things. If you need a specific tool for a repair around
your house, let me know and I'll give you an idea of something
that will work. When you go shopping, I'll confirm when it is
a good purchase. I want to dwell with you, so feel free
to take me with you, always.

Then, as you begin to experience my faithfulness, share your testimony
of what I am doing in your life; as others may want to walk with me, too.

I am preparing you for greatness in my Kingdom. Not only will you be
able to teach others how to rise above their problems, but you will
become more and more fearless to trust me in all things. For the
magnitude of your calling requires it. You will be steady, strong,
and sure in my might; and powerful against all evil, as you are
my child and a joint heir with Jesus.

I love you. Please come, walk with me.

Your Heavenly Father

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