There's this inner child in me
Wanting the inner child in you
To come out and play and be
With a heart so very true!

Growing together, strong and tall.
Wanting to give you real love,
Never straying or wanting to fall
Out of love, as pure as a dove.

I wish to have you by my side,
Walking through life hand in hand
Letting our love be our guide
Walking together in the sand.

Every day I feel the sunshine
So very warm upon my face.
For some reason it's not good enough,
I miss your tender embrace.

I miss your caring smile
You tend to show
With a pleasing style.
From you, I do not want to go.

Let's make some history,
Sharing a tender glance.
Do not let it be a mystery,
Forever our hearts will dance.

Verse used with permission
Copyright 1991 Diane M. Lamphere

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